Must have for your phones

Today, we live in a world where our phones got real expensive. It’s become the remote control of life. Right from reading things to shopping, from banking to trading everything is done on our phones. It just doesn’t stop there. Data shows 40% of the phones worldwide are prone to be dropped and damaged. It becomes more than important to take care of our phones and ensure they don’t fall off easily. Here are the top 5 picks of phone ring holders that’s an absolute must have for your phones. Now that we have decided we needed to invest in phone ring holders, why not go for some cool ones.

1. Skull Shape Phone Ring Holder

Pros: Trendy design. Elegant & Stylish. Sturdy. Great design. Great Price. Compatible With Magnetic Vehicle Mount

Cons: A little small in size.

2. Innovative Ninja Ring Holder & Case

A back cover with an integrated ring holder and stand. Very sturdy design. Ring holder and stand too.

Pros: Strong. Embedded in the case. Simple Design. 360 degree rotation
Cons: Only for Iphone 6/6S

3. Multi Band Finger Ring Holder

Excellent adhesive based phone holder sliding band. Great grip. Also serves as a stand

Pros: Strong adhesive. Durable. Great Colour selection.
Cons: No 360 degree rotation

4. Universal Cool Lion Head Metal Finger Ring

Convenient Safe Grip with stand. ELegant Design. Reusable Adhesive.

Pros: Strong adhesive. Great Design. Superior Quality
Cons: Ring is a little small.

5. Swan Design Phone Ring Holder

Perfect for women. Flashy design. Safe Grip with stand. 

Pros: Strong adhesive. Great Design. Superior Quality
Cons: –

Hope you have liked these picks. Any suggestions or ideas that you want us to explore, feel free to email us at 

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