Learning Options for kids these days

You can’t deny the fact that kids today have better learning opportunities than what we had. You can’t avoid but notice with parents’ increasing demand at work and with most of the families having both parents working, smart phones and videos and rhymes on youtube have been on the rise. I have experienced this myself too, with my 3 year old. (well, almost 3 years)

However, there is always a risk of what kids may learn from watching these videos and how to get them not to get addicted to anything. 

How about some kind of healthy learning opportunities. Agreed it comes at a price, but it is at least streamlined and focused upon letting the kids learn thing.

They will have access to Unlimited :

Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited allows each parent to customise their child’s experience to provide the most relevant books, videos, apps, and more in an environment built from the ground up just for kids.


Summary of the features:

  • Endless Fun for Kids

  • Compatible with Multiple Devices

  • Parent Dashboard

  • Kid-Safe Browser


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