5 essentials that every man needs today

Men’s grooming and Men’s essentially has really gained a lot of momentum in the recent times. Men have become more conscious and are investing time and money to show that they aren’t too behind in living life in real classy these days. Here is a our pick of 15 essentials that every man needs today.

1. A Classy Ball Pen with Card Holder

Say goodbye to the pens you dumped in your bag while you stayed at the hotel last night. You could really use some class. Check this beauty.

sheaffer pen

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2. A Pair of Rugged Jeans

Age is not even a number these days. Men have grown conscious of how they look and their physique etc etc and age doesn’t define anything. A pair of classy rugged jeans is something that anyone can pull off.

best mens rugged jeans

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3. A Good Camera

It’s the world of Instagram and Snapchat, ladies and gentlemen. It is very important to have and manintain an attractive personality. Not just in real, but also on the social media. People are measured by the number of followers on Instagram in 2018 🙂 So just point and shoot!

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4. A Bar Set

The metrosexual man does indulge in a few drinks now and then. What’s the big deal. When he does it, he does it in style. Let’s set the bar up and drink up folks!

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5. A Barbqeue Set/ Brief Case

All work and no play not just makes people less social, but it makes them lazy and uninteresting. How about a BBQ night, with the new BBQ set.

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